Fused Cast Refractories

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Learn more about the manufacturing cycle, the casting types, material grades and performance of intco products as well as the dimensional range of fused cast refractories and pre-assembly.


Ceramic Bonded Refractories

Learn more about the magnesia and silica products, fireclay and High Alumina products. And intco´s modular checker brick: intco CB140 and CBM140.


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View our furnace impressions of an end-fired furnace and a float furnace. See also intco brands and proposed location of use.


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Modular checker brick: intco CB140 and CBM140

Intco CB140 is a modular checker brick with 40 mm wall thickness. It's available as closed shape (CB140) and with lateral opening (CBM140, see right image). Prefabricated half shapes complete range of formats.


The enhancements over conventional checker bricks with same shape are a 5% increased wall thickness and 40% increased corner bearing surface, which result in improved stability.


Tongue and groove clearance has been optimized for fast installation. An additional innovation is the "intco corner pad" which is glued on two sides of the block and ensures a fast and accurate assembly without additional assembly tools.



modular checker brick

Modular checker brick: intco CB140 and CBM140

Flue size = 140 x 140 mm
Wall thickness = 40 mm
Nominal height = 120 mm sorted into size bands ( e.g. +1, 0, -1).


  Specific heating
surface [m²/m³]
Specific volume
Free cross
CB140 15,74 0,3935 57,9
CBM140 17,75 0,3627 57,9



Illustration corbel layers