Fused Cast Refractories

fused cast

Learn more about the manufacturing cycle, the casting types, material grades and performance of intco products as well as the dimensional range of fused cast refractories and pre-assembly.


Ceramic Bonded Refractories

Learn more about the magnesia and silica products, fireclay and High Alumina products. And intco´s modular checker brick: intco CB140 and CBM140.


ceramic bonded


View our furnace impressions of an end-fired furnace and a float furnace. See also intco brands and proposed location of use.


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Fused cast refractories casting types

fused cast



Material grades and performance

Intco offers three different AZS material grades which primarily differentiate each other mainly by its ZrO2 content.


Material properties such as corrosion resistance or glassy phase exudation improve with increasing ZrO2 content.


Please turn to us on advice of proper material choice depending on furnace design and stress.