Fused Cast Refractories

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Learn more about the manufacturing cycle, the casting types, material grades and performance of intco products as well as the dimensional range of fused cast refractories and pre-assembly.


Ceramic Bonded Refractories

Learn more about the magnesia and silica products, fireclay and High Alumina products. And intco´s modular checker brick: intco CB140 and CBM140.


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View our furnace impressions of an end-fired furnace and a float furnace. See also intco brands and proposed location of use.


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Basic products, dense shaped

We're passionate about magnesia and choose suitable materials with the greatest care. We're especially proud of our own development "intco mag M98 LC" a magnesia brick with exceptional good hot properties.


The following are the highlights of our range of magnesia products.


intco mag M98

Magnesia brick based on high purity sintered and fused magnesia. Thanks to usage of high end raw materials this material exhibits an excellent corrosion resistance.


The amount of side phases is low and makes the material the ideal choice for upper regenerator walls and upper part of checker work. Material is very low in SiO2 and resistant against Sodium attack.


Hence it is the most suitable material for regenerator packaging under reducing and oxidizing atmosphere.


intco mag MZ74

Magnesia-Zircon brick for the condensation area of regenerator. "intco mag MZ74" is based on fused magnesia and Zircon-silicate.


The forsterite bond and the relatively high density results in good corrosion resistance against sulphates. Best choice for the lower part of the checker work.


intco mag M98 LC

Magnesia Raw Material

Fused magnesia
raw material lump

Brocken von Magnesia Schmelz- rohstoff

Magnesia brick based on pure and very large crystal fused magnesia.


Due to special manufacturing process an excellent creep under load value is achieved. Material can be used in areas with high thermo-mechanical load such as regenerator crown and regenerator middle wall.


Test report by DIFK- Bonn available upon request.